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12-Aug-2019 13:46:58

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12-Aug-2019 14:33:09

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0neness - The Fmod team moderates the forums in accordance to Jagexís guidelines set forth for us to follow. That includes when the time is right to issue a ban.

Despite our feelings towards an issue, we will continue to moderate to those guidelines. It is not up to us to deviate from those. Do note the FMod team is in regular communication with the LMod team to ensure appropriate concerns, both from ourselves and the community as a whole, are made aware to Jagex.

Due to the names of some accounts and accusations towards them, the opening content has been removed as such accusations arenít appropriate for the forums.

@Ravi - You know that content isnít appropriate for the forums; nothing more to be said there.

12-Aug-2019 15:13:29

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