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Hello, please a JMOD or somebody hear this
Today i checked and my 2 attack has been rerolled to 1 attack, which is awesome! =)
Although im still 49.15 combat level, and with the reroll i should be 48.83 combat
Will this be fixed, is it still loading? or can somebody please fix this!
Thank you

22-Mar-2019 02:54:20

Dw b happy
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Dw b happy

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Hey Candypurp.

Im glad the unwanted attack level has been resolved.

If you have double checked your combat level id suggest doing an (Account Help Ticket).

Which you can find a link to via the most recent page (Deadman Spring Finals and QoL) on Old schools runescape main page plus more information about the xp bug.

Best of luck.

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