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Please a JMOD or somebody see this, i know im among many that the xp attack style glitch effected
I have an obby mauler and one hit a guy who attacked me in a pvp world, it gained me 2 attack, i replied to JMOD Gambit thread. Update effected me so late because i was unaware of the bug and have just been skilling here and there, this is first combat ive been in.
But this has really effected me as it took me a long time to make this account
Please help
Would just like to know details about what to do, or how somebody can help please

26-Feb-2019 16:05:33

Sal J
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Sal J

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Mod Gambit said:
If you were affected by the XP bug during this week's update (here), please log into the affected account and reply to this thread with:

How much XP you gained
Which skill(s) you gained unwanted XP in
Intended account build

Do not reply to this thread with accounts that have accidentally gained XP for reasons unrelated to the above or on different dates.

Replies will be automatically hidden.

Never drop a valuable item.

Ikki blaka niður virðismikil ting.

26-Feb-2019 16:15:49

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Hey there
This seriously just happend to me, i have only been skilling and doing no combat for the past few weeks other then blast furnace pump and was unaware of this update
I was just doing construction in pvp world and a guy attacked me, i came back and attacked him and got 2 attack, im an obby pure and have spent much time on this account
Am seriously soo sad right now, i really hope this can be fixed
I potted outside rimmington portal and one hit the guy with obby maul, and am now 46 xp from 3 attack. Still have his loot in my inventory if that helps?
It was a 30 something damage
Please help me, this account is all i have
Thank you, please

27-Feb-2019 05:02:09

Old Soviet
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Old Soviet

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lol I find it funny people are freaking out that they gained xp…...the whole game is about gaining xp … whats a few numbers lmao?? like really end of the world ? is money and time at the OSRS staff office really gonna be wasted by something like this... its not like you got 99 in a skill for no reason one day when u logged on...I understand people make pures and etc etc....

But come on..... are resources on the developers end really gonna be wasted on something like this?? I thought I was patriotic about this game but compared to these people wow...
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21-Mar-2019 21:48:15

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