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rad pvm clan

rad pvm clan

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RAD PvM – 110+ Combat Raiding Clan

Welcome to the Official RuneScape forum thread of RAD PvM!

RAD PvM was established February 14th 2018 with the goal of forming one of Runescape's top PVM clans, striving to give our clan members the top tier PvM experiences. We have an active leadership team with dedicated members. RAD PvM is one of the MOST active clans; PVMing nearly 24/7 with our worldwide community.

RAD PvM are currently ACCEPTING applications.

Our members are often encouraged to reach out to one another within the in-game cc or discord to find groups, ask questions, or simply to relax. Please join the cc as soon as possible, especially after filling out an application and reach out to one of our staff members so they can review it. You will receive a discord link once your application has been reviewed and accepted.
Our main specialty is in Chamber of Xeric (CoX). However, we often have members going to God Wars Dungeon, Corporal beast, and Theater of Blood (ToB).

» Discord:
After applying via forums join our gear checking server, and clan chat to be assisted.

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rad pvm clan

rad pvm clan

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Official Clan Chat: RAD PvM

We are looking for mature players that can provide a positive impact to our clan ranks. We will only go as far as our members take us. Quality > Quantity. No drama tolerated.
Our ranking system is highly weighted towards splitting drops between our members. However, we also host weekly skilling competitions, pvp events, and many other various activities for our members to participate in and earn merit towards their rank.

Staff List

Typical RS


High Council:
Big Serg
Devils Baby
Twisted Drop

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rad pvm clan

rad pvm clan

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» 110+ Combat
» 1500+ Total Level
» 90+ range
» 90+ mage
» 70+ prayer (Piety)

» Ahrims >> Ancestral (Top + Bottoms)
» Occult
» Fury
» Blessed d'hide >> Armadyl (Top+ Bottoms)
» Blowpipe
» Toxic Trident of the Swamp >> Sang Staff
» Bandos Godsword >> Dragon Warhammer
» Dragon Sword >> Abbysal Dagger >> Rapier

» Salve amulet(ei)
» Obsidian platebody >> Fighter Torso
» Barrows Gloves
» Dragon defender >> Avernic Defender
» Fire Cape >> Infernal Cape
» Imbued Mage Cape
» Tent whip >> Dragon Hunter Lance
» Rune Pouch

accounts 90+ in range, mage, and strength with rigour unlocked.

Ironmen accounts will additionally need to have:
78 herblore and 55 farming

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rad pvm clan

rad pvm clan

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Clan Rules:
1. Comradery and Positivity is Key! No discrimination or racism. Help other clan members when you can. Toxicity will lead to severance from the clan.

2. Splitting Drops is Mandatory; unless a FFA agreement is made and every member of the group. This must be proved with a dated screenshot including the members saying I agree to the FFA. Any scamming will result with your removal from the clan and actions taken against your account via RuneWatch.

3.Treat Others with Respect. Just have fun and enjoy yourself! We are here to better ourselves and our community. Harassment of any kind in not tolerated.

4.Simply Ask. Anyone is invited as long there is room for them in the group. Don't invite yourself.

5. We do not Accept Grieving. Do not take advantage of other members. Scamming, luring, crashing, or PKing another clan member is not allowed. We are a community!

6. No Multi-Clanning at All! Banning will be Implemented! Skilling clans does not count for this rule.

7. No Breaking Jagex's Rules. This is in place to stop our members accounts from being banned.

8. We do not Endorse Sand Casino. Do not stake for other members or talk about staking within the clan chat or discord.

9. Clan Discord. Your membership in the discord is required to maintain membership in the clan. Your RSN name must match your discord username; failure to do so will lead to your removal. It is your responsibility to inform the staff whenever you change your RSN and to change your discord id accordingly.

Bossing as a member of RAD PvM


» ALL drops/loot is split unless otherwise agreed upon before bossing or pvming. (A screenshot of the agreement and members agreeing must be provided)
» If you disconnect or die, 5 kills after or before, item will be split.
» Screen shot every unique loot you receive and price sale of item in grand exchange.
» A loot ticket must then be submitted which a staff member will check.

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rad pvm clan

rad pvm clan

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» We
do not
pvm with any non-rank in the clan chat.
» If you get scammed you will not be reimbursed be sure to protect your account and other assets.
» Do not give money to another member for staking, this cannot be proven if scammed.

Rad PvM is a proud supporter of RuneWatch

RuneWatch was created to be the source for clans to go for a transparent, legitimate and reliable community support system, that aims to display abusive players to the community and provides a safe environment to PvM amongst others.

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rad pvm clan

rad pvm clan

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Rankings will be based upon how active you are in the clan: how much you recruit, host events, teach, attend masses, and loot splits will be added to rank. New members are always welcome. For every new member you recruit this will earn 5m to your rank. Recruits will be added to your rank upon acceptance. Splits must have a screenshot of the item in chat box which also was split with 1 or more members within the clan. Splits must also have proof of the sold GE value.

EX: fury = 3m split 3 ways is 1mea - still a 3m drop to splits added onto your rank.

Bananas are given on milestones and stars are given for admin roles:

Smiley - Trial Member

1 Bananas = 100m split

2 Bananas = 500m split

3 Bananas = 1000m split

Bronze = Trial high council.

Silver & Gold to be decided.

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rad pvm clan

rad pvm clan

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Teaching Raids:
We have trained more than 1,000 new raiders in COX, free of charge. This training includes explanations of raiding mechanics followed by guided first-hand experience. We view this a huge investment in our new clan mates. However; we have found that many people come unprepared with little of their own time invested. Therefore, we are now asking for a small initial investment from our new learners of 1m for each of their first 5 kc at cox. This investment is to ensure our new clan members are serious and highly motivated to participate in our main PVMing specialty. As always, we will split drops with all clan members regardless of their time in the clan. We look forward to finding motivated applicants who are willing to make a small investment for this huge opportunity in joining our community, Rad Pvm.

We hold official and unofficial learning raids to give everyone an opportunity to learn. Official raids are held by more experienced teachers, Whereas anyone can host unofficial learners.

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rad pvm clan

rad pvm clan

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Membership Application & Future Applicants


Combat Level:

Total Level:

Do you meet our level and gear requirements?

Summarize rule 9.

Do you agree with our splitting system for drops/loot?

We require discord; what is your discord ID? (An admin will invite)

What was your previous clan and how did you find out about us?

Join our public discord server to post your gear check

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