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RuneScape name: Skulloffhook
Combat level:115.4
Total level:1746
Do you have a fire cape and barrows gloves?:Yes and elite void
Are you an ironman?: No
Timezone: CST

What attracted you to Elite Warriors?: looking for a clan to do PVM content with
Were you referred by one of our members? If so, who?: Yes, Shepher
What is your clan history?: Only one social clan before this, long time member of one WOW guild during my time on that game.
Will you join and be active in our clan chat EW Lounge?: Absolutely, im on a minimum of 2 hours a day if im in town.
What is your favourite event?: Halloween
Do you realise this is not purely a PvM clan?: Yes, however I enjoy pvm and skilling mostly.

Will you download and Discord and register on our offsite?: I currently have Discord
Do you accept that advertising our Discord details to non-members can result in you being kicked from the clan?: Yes
Do you agree to follow our clan rules?: Yes
Do you accept that you are likely to lose your rank if you become inactive without notifying staff?: Yes

Do you understand that before we consider your application, you will be subject to a check on RuneWatch (OSRS Blacklist)?: Yes

And finally, tell us a little bit about yourself (hobbies, favourite skill etc.): I enjoy lifting weights and sports, mainly basketball and soccer, I'm mixed, (black & white) and my favorite skill is probably 3-tick barb fishing with the extra cooking xp.

12-May-2019 20:27:34

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