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Dinerk said:
I was thinking instead of lending items from players we could lend items from an npc at the g.e to create a gold sink ?
That would destroy the price of top end gear. Supply and demand wouldn't really affect prices anymore for stuff like tbows and scythes as anyone could instantly borrow one regardless of how rare they are and they'd crash dramatically. Limiting it to 1 at a time would do nothing to prevent that.

Just seems like the typical "but it's a gold sink, guys!" comment people attach to bad ideas to try make them look less bad. If jagex needs more gold sinks the most effective way is to add a small tax to the ge and/or increase the staking tax rate, not just randomly throwing a gp cost onto another idea as a false compensation for how gamebreaking it is.

21-Jun-2019 01:08:43

the bot dib

the bot dib

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Dinerk said:
VotingNo2PvP said:
So anyone can get gear whenever the fuck they want? Nty, this'll only crash uniques even further.

They would be limited to one borrow and one lend at a time.. like on runescape 3 they wouldnt be able to get any gear they wanted LOL.

Yes they can rofl. There's gonna be someone who hasn't lent out their shit. It's so easy to get whatever the fuck you want whenever the fuck you want it. That's why no one's gonna support this obvious troll suggestion.
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21-Jun-2019 07:54:39

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