Dorgesh-Kaan Hunter Area

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Dorgesh-Kaan Hunter Area/Cave Insect Hunter Area

A mid to high level hunter area requiring Death to the Dorgeshuun and 35 hunter to access, as well as a light source. Area is near the Dorgesh-Kaan bank in the north-west part of the city.
((Note: Location may need tweaking. May need to add a bank to the area itself if placed far away from the Dorgesh-Kaan bank.))
Players hunt a variety of insects for hunter xp, potential item rewards, and the rare chance at shiny carapaces. Shiny carapaces are a stackable currency item that can be traded to a new cave goblin NPC named Zalrok
((Note: Name is definitely negotiable. Just something I came up with while observing what was typical in cave goblin naming))
in exchage for various rewards, such as a hunter xp boosting outfit.

The hunter method would involve catching insects such as centipedes, earwigs, and giant millipedes using a new hunter item called sticky paper. Sticky paper is obtained either through a shop Zalrok runs, or from combining papyrus with tree sap. Sticky paper would likely be a re-usable item like most hunter traps. Any disturbed insect will run onto the sticky paper and be captured. Maybe add a failure rate based on hunter level. Requires one click to place the sticky paper trap, another click to disturb the insect, and a third click to pick up the insect and the paper from the floor. Insects do not stack in inventory. Neither does sticky paper.
((Note: Method may need some tweaking on how consistent it is, and how fast it is compared to other hunter methods.))

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Centipedes would require 35 hunter to catch and involve lifting rocks from the floor of the cave to disturb them. Grants 100 xp per successful catch.
Earwigs would require 60 hunter to catch and involve sifting through pebbles on the floor of the cave to disturb them. Grants 200 xp per successful catch.
Giant millipedes would require 75 hunter to catch and involve searching crevices along the cave wall to disturb them. Grants 260 xp per successful catch.
((Note: xp rewards may need some serious tweaking depending on how fast the process of hunting insects is, and how good rewards are. Level reqs may need tweaking as well))

All three insects can be turned into Zalrok for basic rewards. Shiny carapaces (the molts/corpses of some of these insects) can be found while hunting any of the three insects at a rate of 2/50 for centipedes, 2/45 for earwigs, 2/40 for giant millipedes.
((Note: May tweak rates. At current rates a player would have to catch 4500 centipedes on average to get the full Carapace set.))

There's also a rare chance you'll find a variation of the basic insect. Albino variants of all three at a rate of 1/500, and even rarer iridescent variants at a rate of 1/1000. These can be traded in for better rewards than regular insects. After handing in a certain amount of the insects you could unlock cosmetic changes to the carapace outfit. 10 albino insects of any type to convert the entire outfit into the albino carapace outfit. 10 iridescent insects of any type to convert the entire outfit into the iridescent carapace outfit.
((Note: The cosmetic upgrades to the outfits may need tweaking in the rates/costs. May want a way to convert outfit pieces individually similar to graceful. Cosmetic upgrades also are not a must-have. The albino/iridescent insects could be changed to different colors, or dropped entirely.))

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Zalrok gives the player an insect key whenever the player fills up a tub of insects near him. The tub has a capacity of 500. Centipedes add 3 to the capacity, earwigs add 4, giant millipedes add 5. Albino variants offer double the base amounts (6/8/10.) Iridescent adds quadruple (12/16/20.) Each insect key can open an insect reward chest once and is consumed upon doing so.
((Note: capacity system may need tweaks in numbers))

Zalrok reward table:

Very Rare: Hardened Bone Fragment (a tradeable item that can be used on a Dorgeshuun crossbow to upgrade it. The upgraded crossbow would require a range level of 40 and be slightly better than a mithril crossbow, and be capable of firing bolts up to mithril. Would have a ranged attack bonus of +69. Would provide a +2 ranged strength bonus only if used with bone bolts.)
((Note: level req and bonuses offered by this upgraded crossbow may need tweaking. May also include the bone spear, bone dagger, and bone club as augmentable weapons using the hardened bone fragment.))

Very Rare: Dorgesh-Kaan Eternal Sphere (a tradeable one-click teleport item that functions the same as a Dorgesh-Kaan sphere, but it is not consumed upon use.)

Very Rare: 5-30 Various runes (death, blood, soul)

Very Rare: 4-10 Noted bars (rune)

Rare: Light Orb

Rare: 5-30 Various runes (chaos, nature)

Rare: 4-10 Noted bars (adamant, gold)

Rare: Medium clue scroll

Uncommon: Mining Helmet

Uncommon: Empty Light Orb

Uncommon: Cave Goblin Wire

Uncommon: Dorgesh-Kaan Sphere

Uncommon: 5-30 Various runes (law, cosmic, body)

Uncommon: 4-10 Noted bars (silver, mithril)

Uncommon: Easy clue scroll

Common: 50 Bone Bolts

Common: 5-30 Various runes (earth, fire, water, air, mind)

Common: 4-10 Noted bars (bronze, iron, steel)

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Shiny Carapace Shop:

((Note: No prices are set. Prices may need tweaking. Pieces of the set may need tweaking too, such as choosing a hat over gloves.))

Carapace Boots
30 SC
. Gives the wearer a 0.2% boost in hunter xp. Untradeable

Carapace Legs
50 SC
. Gives the wearer a 0.6% boost in hunter xp. Untradeable

Carapace Gloves
40 SC
. Gives the wearer a 0.4% boost in hunter xp. Untradeable

Carapace Body
60 SC
. Gives the wearer a 0.8% boost in hunter xp. Untradeable
Full set of Carapace gear gives an additional 0.5% boost.
((Note: I'm not great at drawing or designing armor, but perhaps the carapace outfit could be based off of the carapace armor from RS3 to reduce work compared to designing something brand new. Use the colors from the RS3 set for base carapace, white for albino carapace, and black with gold or purple accents for iridescent))

Insect Ichor
10 SC
. Used to make a scentless potion when combined with a kwaurm potion (unf) at 64 herblore, granting 147.5 herblore xp. Tradeable
((Note: Is kwaurm the right choice? If so, it would create a kwuarm potion that grants more exp than making a super restore with snapdragon. May want to tweak the herblore level, exp granted, and/or the herb used. Could also rework into a non-herblore item that gives the same effect as the scentless potion))

Insect Key
(For ironman players who have all the shop items already, or for normal players if Insect Ichor ends up having little ge value)

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Scentless potion (made with insect ichor) would be used to permanently coat box traps (and possibly other traps,) consuming the potion and giving the trap a 2% increased catch rate when used, similar to smoking it with a torch after it's been placed. (Effects of smoking it with a torch does not stack.)
((Note: Should these scentless traps be tradeable? If not, should they lose the scentless effect if dropped in wilderness to create risk if used at black chinchompas?))

I'm taking constructive criticism on the idea and would love input from other players on what they think. Things like items included in the shop, rewards for doing the activity, potential xp rates and more. I've made notes in ((double brackets)) and a
different color
on several points throughout the above plan. These are points I'm unsure on or still planning and would especially like feedback on.

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Support for eternal spheres. Would save so much money. Great suggestion.

I wasn't sure if there was much demand for such an item, as Dorgesh-Kaan isn't a frequently used area. Glad to see there is some interest, and more would likely be created by the existence of the hunter area.

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