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Just an idea. I did not fully think it through but I believe everyone would agree that bots are a problem. This wouldn’t be a solution but it could help reduce the number of bots throughout OSRS. My suggestion would be to add more total level cap worlds in intervals of 250 where the majority of worlds will require level caps and a minority of worlds will require none. This could possibly create worlds full of bots. Although this could make new players initial experience bad once they begin to advance in levels they will be able to leave those worlds. I understand this isn’t fully formed but it could improve the quality of life for some players without negatively impacting new players too much. Paralax

03-Jun-2019 19:02:17

Draco Burnz
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Draco Burnz

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No support.

Theres more than enough atm IMO.

Besides, im pretty sure bots use those worlds as well as all it'll take is a bot of high enough lvl to log-in and restart.

So its best to just report them instead of making jagex constantly make more and more updates around them.
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Support and

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