Let PKers fight PKers

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Why are people so against allowing PKers to fight actual PKers? The only uniques that passed were ones that skillers and PvMers could've made used such as the wilderness obelisks and broken weapons to exacerbate power creep and farm statuettes at an alarming rate. Or is it that people enjoy harming the economy by making clue scroll rewards and statuettes easily farmable as long as they benefit from it? If we at least got the negative xp lamps, it could've countered the inflation that statuettes are currently causing.

The sinister amulet, amulet of peril, and PvP armors would've helped PKers fight other PKers. Do skillers and PvMers enjoy being bait for PKers? I wouldn't say it's spite since they voted in wilderness content that benefits them. While I understand that being bait for PKers can be rather enjoyable, I'd like to know why skillers and PvMers won't allow PKers to fight other PKers. Share your thoughts down below.
Git gud nubnubs, I got infernal cape.

23-Jun-2019 02:19:43

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