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Mar Member 2019


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Simple, short, sweet, and to the point. Two suggestions.

1. Add an option to "Drop All" of an item type. Example: Trout and salmon fishing, allow right click, "Drop All Salmon".

2. Allow the viewing of the in game skill guides without cancelling out your current activity.
Example: If I'm woodcutting, why can't I scroll through my Herblore skill guide?

Apologies in advance if these have been suggested before but I did not see them when I did a thread search.

Thanks for your time.

18-Jul-2019 03:43:51

Aug Member 2019


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I dont support the first suggestion, we already have shift drop its good enough.

I support the second suggestion
Dont make easily botted activities such as skilling profitable

18-Jul-2019 23:15:33

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