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I love osrs, it is my favourite pastime outside of work at home. I'm a big fan of Longswords in game and I'll like to see an expansion involving new longsword releases for lv 70 and 75 ATK req. A longsword from the song of the elves is a great idea and I hope to own it on release. I am also a big fan of Morytania, I will love to see new quests involving the growth of the storyline involving myreque and if possible making castle drakan into an instance with 3 tiers of difficulty. The outer towers for intermediate levels like lv 55-80 and advanced lv80-100 and the central castle section for lv 100+ and an elite zone for players lv 120+. Also more land with the Morytania theme will be so awesome! Like a big Castlevania styled patch. So that's my thoughts oh and please unblock the kharidian desert and open up menaphos! I want to see quests involving the menaphos Pharoah please! So open up the desert, expand Morytania and add new Longswords to the world. Thank you for reading I am a huge fan of osrs and I hope it keeps growing. Peace. From: Aadaro I will love to see an expansion on OSRS involving a release of new weapons like a Long sword for 70 atk. Degradable and non degradable maybe made with special items like a smouldering stone or primordial stone. is this possible? Also castle Drakan looks like a huge expansion, what can we do?

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Yes, as QHI said this is the RS3 forum... and no to level 70 requirement sword as the RS3 higher level weapons are T92. They hit much much much harder that your level 70 OSRS sword will have no defense against. :)

23-Jun-2019 02:15:57

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