bring Fist Of Guthix to osrs!

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17-Jan-2019 10:11:50



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Nah, just play RS3 if you want easyscape f2p mage xp. The ditch is gonna get endless repolls while sand buckets can pass the first poll and never be implemented. After the ditch passes the 7th poll attempt, it'll be implemented an hour before the poll closes because it's actually important. Deal with it.

17-Jan-2019 15:57:50

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@ removed-out - Your post above was removed for flaming. Please keep your posts civil & respectful. You can give feedback on a suggestion without resorting to insults.

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fucking forum mods.

I said this minigame is dead and can be removed as mob armies if they dont update it.
If they don't they should move it to osrs because it fits there really good.

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Try2 BridKid

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I just want to respond to some previous statements, | The only "loopholes" in FoG were "fogboosters" (Which was also a FC) where people who generally were in clans would go to a world and play FoG, but who ever was the hunter had to forfeit immediately, for fast token gain. | The largest problem with FoG is that it initially required 16 players per game, and with the mass quittings, irrelevancy of FoG gear, and the loss of free magic xp which FoG gave (as the minigame had its own runes) people had serious issues with finding a game. | Also, people have been complaining that they don't want the game to be more like EOC. | [u]There is one easy solution to the issue of finding games, and a sure way to stop players from "FoGBoosting". Instead of 16 people being required for a game of FoG, games should require no more than 4 people. This way games will occur more often/easier. To avoid Boosting, there could be a timer of ~5 minutes that would turn on if you were to quit a game, making boosting irrelevant. [/u] | [u]Similarly, there is no problem of FoG making the game more like EOC. The Fist of Guthix minigame was released early in 2008 (April 9th I believe, but I could be wrong). This is way before EoC and hardly anytime after the game we play is molded off of. [u] | I love Fist of Guthix. It has been and always will be my favorite minigame in runescape. Not only is it an easy way for (especially beginners) magic training, it is also a great way for people to make money, and learn the ropes of the Runescape combat triangle without the risk of losing their armor pking. The friends I made while playing Fist of Guthix are some that I've kept for many years, and I wouldn't be the pvper I am today without it. | I personally strongly urge players to reconsider their thoughts on this minigame, and request with complete sincerity that Jagex bring this fantastic minigame to OSRS. | Have a good one guys :)

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OSRS Had Fist of Guthix just so everyone is clear, it was in lvl 6 wilderness and in a cave... I remember loving that game so much and it was one of the first minigames but one of the best and a classic they need to put back on there. Please really want that to be a thing again! idc about any other mini game just that one would be like the ultimate gift for a lot of people I'm sure
Thank you for your time

17-Feb-2019 21:31:23

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