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So over the past few years,10 in fact Iv been on and off RS, Iv brought keys and been lucky. However my luck seems to have gotten me all the chaotic lucky weapons out of the TH. I come back to find the current rotation in the past couple events is only producing lucky chaotic weapons..

I checked my brothers who confirmed this and instead of leaving the barrows items and god armours, all I’m left with for a purple prize is protean stuff. Not really the prize I want for a purple gem.

Just wondered why the god armours and barrows armour are no longer in the rotation. As I’m a collector of these items it baffles me as to why they are no longer there.

And I don’t think there discontinued ( well there’s no evidence to suggest this on an post)

Anyways if anyone knows it would put my mind at rest. Cheers

25-May-2019 08:07:33

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