Best time to use keys?

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About a couple weeks ago I spent about 600M on Bonds. Redeeming them all into keys, this roughly got me about 450 keys. During the time of using them all, there was no promotion active. Needless to say, I got a bunch of nothin'.

What's the best promotion to use keys on, nowadays? Mostly in the pursuit of pure XP over GP.
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21-Oct-2018 19:55:03

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I'll say Double Dragon Chests or Loot Duel.

You can get up to 10x rewards from Double Dragon Chests. However xp items are not guaranteed.

Loot duel gives only up to 5x rewards from Dragon Chests but they show the content of the 2 chests you can pick from. So you can always pick the best xp rewards you want.

21-Oct-2018 20:44:41

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