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In 22 mystery boxes I got 700k+ direct xp from phoenix lamps bubbling lamps regular lamps and smouldering lamps. You can get alot more large lamps from currency event boxes then on th which defeats the purpose of buying keys. I also got alot of bonus xp too but I didn't keep track of how much. Currency events give more xp then treasure hunter... The brightest ideas are the most undervalued.

02-Aug-2019 17:57:58

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You lost the benefits of the tokens such as the faster xp rates and the rewards by not using them to vote.

You just traded in some "values" from the tokens for other "values" from the mysteries boxes.

It is a matter of personal choices. Nothing is really "devalued" as everybody has different opinions on "values".

04-Aug-2019 17:41:21

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As stated above, value is highly subjective. To me, the tokens had much more value using them at the dungeoneering hole, as I'm not 120 yet. It all depends on your personal goals and expectations. When it rains, look for rainbows. :)

...and unicorns.

06-Aug-2019 09:08:11

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