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chikn nugits
Jul Member 2019

chikn nugits

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Hello, whats the best promo atm for xp and bonus xp? I want to level slayer quickly on my skiller acount. it's level 50 atm ,with no bonus xp.

Would lava lanterns be decent? I'd be able to level it a bit and get bonus xp for a smouldering lamp promo.

Or is something better?

02-Oct-2019 01:27:15

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Copy pasted from a thread I posted on:
I think it goes like this:

Pure GP-wise (not considering save costs from e.g proteans or silverhawks):
1. Capsules
2. Rainbow

Bonus exp:
1. Rainbow
2. Loot Duels

Straight up exp:
1. Smoulder lamps, the other promo's are just garbage.

Best rotation to cycle in:
First buy a lot of exp from rainbow and then use all the bonus exp on smoulder lamps/phoenix.

Hello Moto

10-Oct-2019 10:35:09

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