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I love the idea of completing surveys for keys in your spare time, but the way this was implemented is absolutely terrible. I spend two hours entering the same basic information over and over again to be denied every time. Obviously these surveys aren't there for early 20s college students with low yearly income, so why can't I, at the very least, register my information so that only surveys that are available to me will show up?

It might not seem like a big deal, but when the qualification surveys can take up to ten minutes apiece only to be denied without a single key being credited, it can become infuriating. This only encourages me to lie on my forms just to have a better chance of getting my keys, and that's no good for the people looking for specific demographics when I don't actually fit into the demographic they're looking for because, at the end of the day, I'm after the keys, I don't care about helping people with their research.

I understand that it is a privilege just to have a system like this in place, but it would go a long way to develop it a bit further to make it more reasonable to use.

Anyone else have similar complaints or suggestions? If there's an easier way to go about getting these surveys done, then I'm all ears!

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