Free 30 keys with buying 15

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Got a pop-up in game claiming to get 30 free keys with the purchase of 15. When i click on it there is no such option insted it takes me to the normal page with no offer.... Switch and bait much jagex 🤔

13-Aug-2019 21:26:50

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I clicked that offer out of curiosity, but I didn't end up getting it, as I usually buy bonds with GP if I feel bored enough to see what I get on TH during certain promos.

There was an option for 45 keys + 120 hearts of ice, which is the "offer" that you're looking for, as the normal options are 15, 35, 75, 200 and 450 keys (+ 40, 120, 400, 1200 and 3000 hearts of ice).
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Clivet2434 said:
as so the 30 was auto added to the 15 keys. ok that makes since. I was looking for a 15 key purchase option that would say like +30 keys

Also saw this when I looked, idk how long the offer lasts for though but was half tempted because its one of the more better deals.
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14-Aug-2019 04:54:40

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