Death Mechanics Clarification

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You always lose clue scrolls on death if it's not a protected item. That's why if someone is attacking you just drop the clue then run back and grab it when you are dead :) hope that helps! back to rs3 | Curent OS Combat lvl: (

26-May-2015 07:53:51



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That is pretty hilarious that we have 1 minute to collect our item before people can grab them considering we have to wait 60s to log back in.... Make it 5 minutes or something.... GIVE US A CHANCE TO GET OUR ITEMS BEFORE THEY ARE LOST to players.... Especially given that it;s not our fault we are dying majority of the time and we are punished??

31-May-2015 04:51:46

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Is this a freaking joke? you have 1 minute to get your items from GWD and DKS before everyone takes it? I dc every 20 min. This is not a proper solution to anything. This almost makes me not want to boss anywhere. Literally dumbest update i have seen in years. Besides EOC.

04-Jun-2015 18:48:08



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OK this is not the case. A guy just died next to me at Blue Dragons in Taverly Dungeon. He was gone for over 15 minutes and I couldn't see nor pick up the stuff that he 'lost' when he died. Clarification please?

25-Jun-2015 18:24:31

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This thread is completely out dated.

Currently most non tradeable items are kept on death. not including pvp

Fire cape

Many others including degraded Barrows gear

You have one hour before your items despawn, nobody can see your items but you. Does not apply in pvp.

26-Jun-2015 05:55:33

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And even as time passes, the problem still remains. Servers are not working as they should, not to mention if you are in a very crowded world. Since 2014 this problem was there, and still is.
Jagex got a huge profit last year, thanks to all of us, why don't they do simple stuff to make us feel better upon our character's death?
At least, if when you get unlogged the counter stops this will give us a chance to recover stuff...
Just my 2cents of thoughts.

23-Aug-2018 01:46:49

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