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An Ultimate Ironman friend, died in the dc's in wildy yesterday... we truly thought the dc'ing had stopped at the time.

Luckily he made it back to his gear... minis his hard earned void :(

<------ I need a better picture :(
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Rambo VIP said:
More useless updates, thank you OS Team.

It's nice to see what priorities you have, adding useless **** like this instead of fixing you'r awful servers.

It's been months since you could do anything pvm/pvp related without the huge possibility of dcing due to the crusty servers of 07 scape.


Dude, they can't 'fix' their servers. They can't control a DDoS attack as its untraceable and usually can hit anything offline if it's hard enough with a high amount of infected computers.

Upgrading their servers would probably cost *1,000's of more money each month per server which would get into their profits with OSRS alone and then they will have little to no profit and little incentive to work on OSRS.

They will have to manually block each conflicting IP that's attacking the servers, which won't help much so just deal with it unless they do decide to upgrade.

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I regret spending 8m bounty points on the spell. No point exists in using the teleport to target spell. Everyone just stays in edgeville. Survival of the fittest

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Surprised nobody has touched on this.

I appreciate all the effort that was put into getting the tip-fedora emote live. I personally didn't care one way or another if the poll passed and will never buy a fedora. With that being said, the emote seems a little lackluster don't you think? Assuming it's the same as the gif on the update page, it's just a nullified version of the salute emote. I mean, they don't even touch the fedora, let alone tip it. There is very little animation induced into that emote and think it should be revisited.

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King Jim

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Multiple people have provided video evidence of the people ddosing and you still take no action on their accounts. Either invest in some proper protection or ban these *******. It's pathetic how you just bow down to some 12 yr e thug with a hack forum booter "I've been playing since 2006 but jagex made me quit 11/20/2013"

31-Oct-2014 12:41:57

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