Dev Blog: Content Poll #32

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Dev Blog: Content Poll #32

One of the most highly anticipated updates ever to be proposed for Old School RuneScape, resizable mode, is set to be polled this Thursday. We'll also be including shared slayer tasks, a seercull buff and lots, lots more.


Resizable Mode

Resizable mode is something that has been asked for by many Old School players for quite some time. Late last year, Mod Jacmob spent some time working on giving us the engine capabilities to make resizable mode a reality in Old School and we are now looking to deliver that update.

Old School RuneScape is currently fixed to one size. Resizable mode would allow the Old School game client to be expanded to fit the size of any window, giving you the option to make the game the size that best suits you.

It is worth noting that resizable mode does not allow players to see further into the distance. When using resizable mode, the distance at which players are visible will remain the same.

Resizable mode will have a new interface that will adapt to the size of the client. At this point we do not yet know exactly what this interface will look like, however we will be doing all we can to use existing elements from Old School to carry over the Old School feel to resizable. We will be providing screenshots of resizable mode and the interface throughout development.

In the future it will be possible for us to create new, different interfaces for resizable mode but, for now, we do not want to delay the release of resizable mode to create more styles of interfaces.

Of course, resizable mode will be toggleable. If you wish to continue playing with the same gameframe that you always have in Old School, you can simply choose to not enable resizable mode.

Question: Should we add resizable mode to Old School RuneScape? A toggle would be available to turn resizable mode on or off.


Slayer Partners

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Tanzanite & Magma Serpentine Helms

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Achievement Diary animations

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Other poll questions

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The slayer update looks nice. Any rewards for doing slayer with someone else, other than a faster task?

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