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I have a question with regards to boss slayer. When assigned a task of them will the black mask accuracy and damage bonus be active?


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I take BBC said:
@ Jackson E R, I'm not entirely sure how they're going to go about getting to the new slay bosses, However I'm also not aware of what your actual question was.

In addition to what you said, They could always add some kind of entrance for the bosses where we will have the opportunity to have a private session, Just like with the other few bosses costing 25,000 gp.

My initial question was asking if they would add an instanced version of the boss upon release date. Their response on the live Q&A was that they would release the boss first and then see how it goes. They avoided my question on the second Q&A because it mentioned the servers this time :). They like to pick and choose questions to make themselves look good. So any controversial or aggressive questions they tend to ignore it seems like.
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This slayer update seems very interesting and much needed. It would be a nice addition if blue dragons and black demons are added to an additional slayer cave. I'm also very excited for the primordial boots :)!

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