Dev Blog: Abyssal Weapons

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Dev Blog: Abyssal Weapons

In the recent developer blog for the summer slayer expansion we mentioned two new weapons that will be dropped by the abyssal sire: the abyssal bludgeon and abyssal dagger. While the general idea of these weapons has gone down very well, we've received a lot of feedback regarding the special attack.

Last Friday we posted threads on reddit and the forums asking for as much feedback as we can get our hands on for these weapons and special attacks. We've trawled through all of the feedback and have reworked the designs to be more fitting for Old School.

Abyssal bludgeon

The abyssal bludgeon is a two-handed weapon that requires 70 attack and strength to equip. It has the following stats:

  • +102 Crush attack
  • +85 Strength

  • The abyssal bludgeon will have only one attack style that uses crush and trains strength (and hitpoints).

    It will hit once every 4 ticks (the same rate as scimitars). This makes the abyssal bludgeon lower DPS than the abyssal whip/dragon defender combination while making it superior to the Zamorak hasta/dragon defender combination.

    Special attack

    The special attack of the abyssal bludgeon costs 50% special attack energy and increases damage dealt by 0.3% for every prayer point that you are missing.

    Abyssal dagger

    The abyssal dagger is a one-handed weapon that requires 70 attack to equip. It has the following stats:

  • +75 Stab attack
  • +75 Strength

  • These stats leave the abyssal dagger slightly weaker than a Zamorak hasta but with attack styles to train Attack, Strength or Defence.

    Special attack

    The special attack of the abyssal dagger costs 50% special attack energy. The special attack hits twice in quick succession (just like the dragon dagger) with 15% reduced damage. If the first hit deals damage, so will the second. Both hits deal damage or neither do.

    This special attack offers potential for more big combos while having a max hit lower than several other existing weapons.

    Addressing some popular suggestions

    We got a lot of special attack suggestions after asking for feedback last Friday. Let's address some of the suggestions and why we opted for those above instead.

    Hitting through Defence/damage scaling with your opponents Defence level

    Very simply, we avoided these special attacks as it seems backwards to punish an opponent for having a high Defence level.

    Gap closer

    A suggestion that came up regularly was a special attack that teleports you from a distance to be right next to your target. While useful and fitting, considering the way that abyssal demons teleport around in combat, this special attack would potentially throw a spanner in the works of the combat triangle.

    Melee is currently the dominant combat style in Old School. The main disadvantage of melee is the inability to attack from a distance. Offering a melee gap closer would be a blow to magers and rangers in the wilderness.

    Defence draining

    A fair number of people have been asking for a Defence draining special attack. We're going to avoid this as it would likely impact the price of the Bandos godsword. Considering the Bandos godsword special attack cost was recently reduced, if you're in need of a Defence draining weapon you've got a good option already.

    As always, we'll be watching out for further feedback. Let us know what you think!

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    Hi friend Rens, hello Ronan

    I actually don't like these at all and feel that they will become useless. The 1st hit of dagger special effecting the 2nd makes it really weak.

    I like the dagger spec it seems fair, depending on the max hit this could challenge the ags with a lucky spec
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    lnfinite God

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    I assume you're going to remove ss and bss from the game together with this update? Because you might as well.

    (unless you want ss to crash to alch price: you could put a king's ransom requirement on bludgeon)

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