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DivineZerkz said:
i like the concepts, dagger is fine, itl make for great combos, u can only restore hp so fast.

as far as the bludgeon, it dosent make sense about missing prayer, instead make more rewarding to people with prayer.

0.3% for EVERY prayer level. and make the wep special attack "magic" so its deters from protection.

99 prayer spec = + 30% power
70 prayer spec = +21% power
52 prayer spec = 16% power

Prayer is rewarded plenty by bludgeon.

17-Sep-2015 13:21:18

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Two quick things, which I do not believe have already been mentioned.

There were many suggestions of creating a space closer for the dagger.

Why not create an Abyssal Bow, which the special effect puts space between you and your target, and momentarily locks them in place? It'd be a short bow, because currently there is no level 70 short bow in the game.

Also, would it be fair to have a second path to the Abyssal Sire located at the top of the Morytania Slayer Tower for anyone who has completed the Morytania Elite Diary?

Edit: I realize this should have been stated a long time ago in some of the other dev blogs. Only had the ideas recently though.

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