Dev Blog: Deadman Mode

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Dev Blog: Deadman Mode

Back in April Mod Mat K spoke about an idea of his named 'deadman mode' on the weekly Q&A livestream. The community LOVED it. Out of nowhere, hundreds of posts popped up on reddit, the forums and Twitter asking for further details and a release date.

This is the first developer blog for deadman mode. Let's get into the details!

What is deadman mode?

Deadman mode is a new game mode for Old School. Deadman mode accounts can log into deadman worlds where PvP is active everywhere. No exceptions. The aim of deadman mode is to create an intense PvP experience across the entire game world.

Death in deadman mode means more than respawning in Lumbridge without your items. You also face the following two consequences:

  • All of your stats are lowered by 7 levels.
  • A single-use key is dropped to whoever killed you that allows them access to your bank. If they so choose, they will be able to clear your bank out completely. This will be explained in more detail below.

  • In deadman mode the stakes are incredibly high. A single death can mean days of progress lost and a kill can turn you from a fortunate noob into an force to be reckoned with.

    Why punish players so much for dying?

    Death in deadman mode must be devastating. Both to balance the game and to create the intensity that will make deadman mode such an enjoyable experience.

    Losing levels on death will help prevent an impossible to defeat, top tier of players reigning over deadman worlds for too long. An unchanging hierarchy of players that endlessly has the same players on top would become stale quickly. Being set back a significant amount on death will offer a real way for the underdogs to overthrow the dominant players if they possess the skill.

    Similarly, death allowing another player access to your bank will help shift the balance into the hands of anyone who can take down a top player.

    Bank keys

    If you die in deadman mode you will drop a bank key. Whoever picks this key up will have one opportunity to open up your bank and take what they want. Any items they do not take will be returned to your bank.

    When using a bank key you will not be limited to inventory space. You will be able to choose items and transfer them straight to your bank so that inventory space is not a limiting factor. The only limit on what you can take is that you can't touch untradeable items.

    Cities & city guards

    There is a catch when killing other people: city guards do not take kindly to skulled players.

    All major towns and cities are protected by city guards. These guards are incredibly strong and outright impossible to stand up to. While they are harmless most of the time, the second they see a player with a PK skull they will attack. Dealing huge damage as well as teleblocking, freezing and smiting their target, they are not your everyday bronze med helm guards.

    Thanks to these guards it is possible to find some peace in major cities. With that said, if a player is brave, or foolish, enough to take on the city guards you might just find yourself under attack. One thing you will learn quickly in deadman mode is that you are never completely safe.

    Release & additional information

    We are planning to release deadman mode at some point in October. This leaves us plenty of time to make deadman mode the best it can be before it comes to Old School.

    We are very interested in hearing what the community have to say about deadman mode. As this is very new territory, your feedback will be vital. You should expect amended versions of this developer blog before deadman mode reaches a poll.

    Your feedback will make a difference. Let us know what you think!

    Mods Alfred, Archie, Ash, Day, Ghost, Ian, John C, Krista, Mat K, Maz, Ronan, Weath
    The Old School Team


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    Wooxs Dad
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    Wooxs Dad

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    Nah I'd rather just go play dayZ, this is almost as bad as EOC copying their combat from
    World of Warcraft.

    --- apparently I'm ignorant for speaking the truth so in response I'll say this---

    Okay I'm ignorant? You all are ignorant for not realizing the consequences of this update. Oh let's just throw in servers where people have to completely restart and split the community in two along with the ever so dying already pvp/ bh worlds which will now be destroyed completely. Also let's just copy exactly game mechanics from h1z1 and dayZ ( yes if you were their for the announcement of this mode they even referred to these games for the creation of the idea, psssst why do you think it's even called "deadman" mode), rather then have any originality. Let us just have clans dominate areas and therefore make people rage quit the game even more and decrease it's overall player base. These are all great ideas man keep it up! This has to be the worst suggestion for an update I've yet seen on osrs, and all of you are the ignorant ones who can't even see obvious consequences of such an update. Waste of dev time, work on something that brings together the community not seperates it (Zeah)

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    I can't imagine this mode being very popular as most people don't want to pay for a whole new account. If you could have it on a different server like how osrs and eoc is now It could be much more popular

    10-Jun-2015 18:29:27

    N Y J

    N Y J

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    Interesting but I'd suggest milestones instead of dropping 7 levels when you die. These milestones would be 10, 20, so on all the way to 90 and 99. So if you are level 96 cooking, it would drop to 90, and if you are level 12 attack, it would drop to 10 and so on.

    10-Jun-2015 18:29:39



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    Deadman Mode will divide our player base further, kill our current PvP, and offer highly punishing mechanics which will ultimately have players quit the game!

    Dividing The Player Base:

    We have the standard Runescape account and by bastardized popularization we introduced Ironman Mode, and the absurd Ironman Mode. Currently we don't have enough players to fill our worlds, or their content. Zeah is on its way! We can't afford to split our player base further.

    Our Current PvP Is In Trouble:

    PvP is currently no risk, no reward, and always being ddosed. If you introduce Deadman Mode and people leave our current PvP it will die out. Furthermore, Deadman Mode will become ddosed like current PvP.

    Player WILL QUIT:

    Let's transition perfectly into the ddos issue. Players will be punished to the point of no sympathy. All of their beloved work will be gone and so will their admiration for this game.

    Do you really want to do this!? Just because Mat K said it was a cool idea on stream? Should we let the game as a whole suffer for the mistake of one person? Let's see, why is this familiar? Oh, right, Evolution of Combat and Mod Mark. Our game has quickly dropped from 50K to 40K player base. Our game has made a 10,000 USD PvP tournament to try to hype PvP. PvP is already in trouble as is all of our unfulfilled content. Please CANCEL this terrible update before it's too late. I get people are blinded by hype, but maybe they should take a second to consider the risks this update will bring.

    10-Jun-2015 18:30:37 - Last edited on 10-Jun-2015 18:50:37 by Joy



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    Sounds completely insane, but awesome. I'm guessing if you die in deadman mode, then if you go back to a normal RS world then the stat changes still apply? As well as the cleared-out bank?

    Also, if you kill someone and get the key, would it be possible to log out and back in to a safe world to loot the person's bank?

    10-Jun-2015 18:31:03

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