July - The Month Ahead

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King Jim
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King Jim

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Lmao... All you need to be a jmod these days apparently is a YT channel. Hope these new kids are actually qualified and is not just blatant nepotism from existing jmods placed in because they have a mediocre YT following. "I've been playing since 2006 but jagex made me quit 11/20/2013"

07-Jul-2015 18:34:48



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I would like to withdraw my former complaints about this months updates.

Apparently (according to the streams) both music cape and jad pet are coming this month. These two updates alone make up for the blandness of the tournament and duel arena screen rework.

Thank you mod ghost...gotta admit you are really making me happy with these two pieces of content.

BTW on the last stream when you answered my Jad pet animation question, I was referring to the idle animation. Similar to how the chompy pet pecks at the ground. Not an interaction option. Its okay though because I'm sure you'll put a good idle animation on it.

13-Jul-2015 05:39:21

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