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max cape:
if you dont give it its original stats you might as well not release it at all. giving every new cape you make the same stats as the normal trim skillcape for having 2 99s is rediculas. having every single 99 in osrs is a huge achievement and should be rewarded accordingly. stop this "making nothing more powerfull than existing content" nonesense. while your at it you should do comp and trim comped as well. stop making cosmetic capes. personally i hate cosmetic items, if that what i wanted i would have remained in sof and solomon scape. give us powerfull items with real benefits. another option is the ability to add existing capes to the max cape. being able to add gracefull cape, fire cape, avas, mage cape, a trimmed skillcape etc. so its better than any other cape but not having any superior stat to another cape. i will vote no if its anything less than this. the comments about being able to add 1 cape to max cape is too underpowered. :) tyvm.

great idea with the zulrah drops. nice way to balance out the prices.
update to make barrows more enjoyable is welcome as well. i would love to see jr. versions of the barrows brothers. would be a great way to increase the activity at barrows.
i like the fishing outfit. i would also ask that u consider buffing the 2,5% bonus of all skilling gear to 5%. even mat k said 5% boost on the rs stream as he prob thought of the buff pre eoc did. making it 5% would make it far more attractive to get.

hellhound charm drops: wild dogs are a great annoying part of the brimhaven dungeon, reason why people should work to get cb 125 to avoid being attacked by them.
the bullroarer (i was the one who complained about it) should be done as a bug fix rather than a poll ppl have to be bothered with... confusing question tbh.
i'd like to stick to cb lvls even in skill guides. perhaps total lvl is an option though?
at elite the skull sceptre should get unlimited charges.
make a max world too.
fix the zammy darkness without item.a

28-Jul-2015 20:46:02



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100 maxed players and you're now making the cape? It's almost too late.

The number of people who can use the content is not a good measurement of when to release content. The content should be there before anyone even has chance to get it. Where are all the mysteries and legendary items from this game?

28-Jul-2015 20:52:07

PK Scout

PK Scout

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Very glad that you considered my suggestion of something to cancel ZGWD darkness, thank you

Having it as a Zilyana drop has some hefty requirements. There's the 70 agil and the ability to fight Zilyana, who is quite a bit tougher than Kril and whose teams often ask for higher stats. I would get it just to have ZGW be easy on the eyes but I'm not sure how others who just want to do ZGW and have no intention of doing SGW will respond.

Unless the team is intent on making the item very hard to obtain, one thing that could be done is to have an opposing item dropped by Kril, as follows

Zilyana drops an item related to light that is activated to provide light
Kril drops an item related to darkness that is destroyed to remove darkness

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Tank All Day said:
Total level worlds? Where are the people screaming "it will split the community!!!" Hypocrites...
A completely different game being developed is totally different than separate worlds for legit players that want it less populated with no bots...
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Honestly 2400 hours absolute minimum of game time for a skill cape? It should just absorb one other item. That amount of dedication for a cosmetic upgrade to a fire cape is really a minimum imo.
If you worked hard enough to max you deserve to be able to show it off and have a more unique piece of content.
2277 is an achievement enough, so don't give us more cosmetic clutter. Either let the cape have use by making it an equivalent of BIS or don't give it at all.

Making it equal to currently existing content does not encourage the no xo waste mentality, the majority of the game not being 12 and killing cows for hours like we did in the golden days is what brought about no xp waste (for whenever heritage wants to jump in and repost his opinion again).

Also jugs of water should not be added to shops, rather plane jugs. No reason to make cooking even faster than it is.

Third, don't believe having a fixed number of zulrah scales is the way to go. Just creates a higher price floor for the unique drops. Nerf the other drops from zulrah like Mage logs and shark that are consistent profit and less people will camp it and flood the uniques into game. You're just putting a bandaid on a bullet wound.

I like the zgwd elixir idea but zam drops are already underwhelming as is and Sara is very profitable already. Perhaps a new way or extremely rare drop like 1/7500 added to spiritual mages as the buff they are set to receive


28-Jul-2015 21:03:14

PK Scout

PK Scout

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Actually, come to think of it, I wouldn't mind buying the darkness canceling item if it were tradeable. I really hope it is. But, as others have stated, it would be better to give zam the drop or as I suggested above, both Zilyana and Kril to drop.

28-Jul-2015 21:05:49



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Tank All Day said:
Total level worlds? Where are the people screaming "it will split the community!!!" Hypocrites...

Split the community? OH no I don't have any friends to woodcut anymore!!!

28-Jul-2015 21:23:45

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