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Slay Helm said:
Heritage said:
Wee said:
Just let us use a fire cape on the max cape to get the same stats, no need to poll this as it has zero impact.

Will have to be polled.

I can't wait to vote no when they do.

They've already said it wont happen because it's essentially a reskinned fire cape and the 'cosmetic skin' is a max cape.

This is a silly discussion anyways, every maxed player can get a fire cape in no time. It was a huge mistake even polling this in the first place, they should've just went with fire cape stats and the cape would have passed.
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03-Aug-2015 17:32:29

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Sometime I cannot really view some of the changes as good or bad. Therefore I will not be voting this poll. Please lift or rework some of the requirements to submit a vote.

04-Aug-2015 00:40:26



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sad some of the things arent passing at this moment. like max cape / fire cape stats being the same. This is a good reward, essentially cosmetic. Not many are maxed and not many will.

04-Aug-2015 02:53:26

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