August - The Month Ahead

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August - The Month Ahead

August is here and we have an awful lot in store. The Grand Exchange web pages will be arriving later on this month as well as Cerberus, the hellhound boss. With slayer updates like crazy and the zoom feature coming later this month, August is set to be a great one for all kinds of Old School players. Let's get into the details.

Experience drops

Experience drops will be coming later on this week with a huge number of features for all your experience tracking needs.

From this Thursday, if you have minimap orbs enabled you will notice the addition of an XP button. Clicking this will display an experience tracker on your screen. You can right-click the orb and select 'setup' to be given a wide selection of different settings for your experience tracker and drops.

There are all sorts of options to let you customise your experience tracking and drops to best suit your needs. You can choose the size and position of the experience tracker, you can choose how long it appears for, whether it appears at all, which skills you are tracking... The list goes on and on!

And, of course, when you gain experience you will see the amount of experience you gain rise up into the experience tracker if it is visible.

If you'd like to see more of experience drops in action you can watch the below highlight of Mod Ash running through the many different features that this update has.

TzHur-Jad & Tzhaar Tasks

Tzhaar task

The Tzhaar slayer task is an unlockable assignment that costs 100 points. After you unlock the task both Nieve and Duradel will be able to assign it. When assigned a Tzhaar task you will be given the option to instead take on the challenge of the fight cave. Taking on this challenge and succeeding will land you with an additional 25,000 slayer experience!


TzTok-Jad is one of the most feared monsters in all of RuneScape. It makes even the most experienced players tremble, panic and fumble. Defeating the boss is something that is truly noteworthy.

Players that master the fight cave will now have a shot at getting themselves a TzHur-Jad (the Jad pet). With a small chance of receiving the pet when you slay TzTok-Jad, and another shot at receiving a TzHur-Jad if you're willing to gamble a fire cape with Tzhaar-Mej-Jal, these little volcanic critters will be few and far between.


Later on in August we will be seeing the release of Cerberus, the hellhound boss.

Cerberus is a solo slayer boss that will throw a little excitement into the lives of high-level slayers. With engaging mechanics and a lot to offer in terms of drops, Cerberus will certainly be making a splash.

Hardcore PvMers with 91+ Slayer will be able to access Cerberus when given a hellhound slayer task. It will be no easy feat to take on the boss so make sure that you're ready to give it everything you've got.

The signature drops of Cerberus include the items needed to create the new top tier of boots in Old School. Cerberus will also drop the smouldering stone, use to create the dragonfire axe and pickaxe.

You can see lots of behind the scenes pictures of Cerberus and his lair on Mod Alfred's Twitter feed. For now you will have to hold tight until mid-August when we expect to be unleashing Cerberus onto Old School.


A common request since the release of resizable mode has been the ability to zoom in and out. Later on in the month we will be making this possible. Using your mouse wheel or a slider found in your settings, you will be able to determine how zoomed in your camera is in both fixed mode and resizable mode.

The addition of zoom to Old School will be a great addition to resizable mode and will, once again, open up the world even more.

Boss slayer

Bosses are always a fun time in Old School. Alongside slayer, they make up most of the attractive PvM content in the game. So, hey, why not combine the two?

Later on this month we will be releasing an unlockable boss slayer assignment. Once unlocked it will be possible for Nieve and Duradel to set you a task of any of the bosses found in the boss log (excluding Corporeal Beast).

As the experience rates at bosses will not be particularly great, upon completing a boss task you will be rewarded with an additional 5,000 slayer experience.

This update will serve to spice up the lives of all you avid slayers. Grab your brews and ready your whips, boss slayer is coming.

Grand Exchange Web Pages

The Grand Exchange is a lovely thing. Quick access to all the items you could ever need. To help provide as much information as possible on all of the items found in the Grand Exchange we are going to be releasing a Grand Exchange section on the Old School website!

As you can see by clicking on the above images, the Grand Exchange web pages will be able to provide information about the price history of items as well as the amount traded. This information is available for every item that can be sold on the Grand exchange.

Look forward to the Grand Exchange pages going live later on this month.

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excited for this month :D

"This update will serve to spice up the lives of all you avid slayers. Grab your brews and ready your whips, boss slayer is coming."

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Was a nice read and im excited but please make the jad pet 2x2 or 3x3 hes so tiny and look so weak as being a puny 1x1 pet

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