Dev Blog: Sailing Part 2

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Dev Blog: Sailing Part 2

Since the first sailing developer blog went out we have seen an awful lot of excitement coupled with an awful lot of questions. In this developer blog we would like to answer the most pressing questions that have come up.

The big questions

The last blog mentioned PvP. Will I have to take part in PvP?

No. PvP in sailing will be completely optional. It will work in the same way that the wilderness does now: there is a clearly defined area where PvP is possible and you will only have to enter it if you choose to.

Getting the best experience rates will not be reliant on you entering PvP areas. There may be some good rewards available for taking on the chaos-ridden seas where PvP is possible but you will not be forced to take them on.

Will I need to be in a group to get the best experience rates?

No. You will be able to achieve the best experience rates when training sailing solo.

Can't we get Dungeoneering or Summoning instead?

When discussing possible new skills for Old School Dungeoneering and Summoning always come up in conversation. While there are elements to both of these skills that many members of the community would like to see in Old School, we have several reasons for not pursuing these skills.

One of the key reasons for us not wanting to release Dungeoneering or Summoning is that we would like to take Old School RuneScape in a different direction to RuneScape 3. The community have told us time and time again that they want to see more content that is unique to Old School rather than re-creating content from RS3. Creating a new skill, rather than taking ones that have existed previously, gives us the freedom to make a skill that truly fits Old School and will continue to take the game on a path that is distinct from RS3.

On top of this, Dungeoneering and Summoning both come with their fair share of balancing issues. Introducing either of these skills as they were would change Old School in a massive way. The impact that chaotic weaponry or the Summoning skill would have on combat is huge and big changes to the way combat works in Old School is something that the community have consistently been against since day 1. Creating a skill from scratch allows us to mould the balancing around Old School to make sure we aren't turning the game on its head.

Will sailing be more like a minigame than a skill?

Not at all. Minigames are very self-contained and, outside of rewards, have no impact on the wider game. Sailing will be seamlessly integrated into the Old School world and will be a true part of the game. As you level up sailing you will unlock the ability to do more and more with the skill. This will be applicable all over Old School.

This Friday we will be releasing an additional developer blog shining some light on exactly how leveling in sailing will benefit you. We hope that this will give some more insight to the skill as a whole as we provide some brand new information on sailing.

If you have any questions, feedback or #sailinghype to share, let us know and we will address any concerns as they come up or in future developer blogs.

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When explaining why you didn't offer us Dungeoneering or Summoning instead, you stated that their rewards were powerful and game changing. Why do rewards have to define a skill? I don't think most players who are asking for either of these skills want them exactly as they were in the main game. This is because the original rewards would be unbalanced for our version of Runescape.

I believe much of the appeal of Dungeoneering specifically came from the fact that prior to release, a "raid" style encounter was absent from the game. With billions of possible floor combinations, players were exposed to a diverse range of scenarios. The high level of awareness required and steep learning curve of the skill engendered an aspect of competition/efficiency that other skills have not had. This fostered a "Dungeoneering community" that endured for years after skill release. No other skill has had so many players train beyond 200M experience purely because they enjoy it.

While I'm aware we are unlikely to see Dungeoneering or Summoning in OSRS, I encourage the team to consider what is it about these skills that players liked so much. If Sailing incorporates elements of unpredictability from voyage to voyage, the skill could be the most popular in OSRS.

As for solo players being able to achieve the best experience rates, I'm unsure what the point in teaming up would be then. There should be an incentive to form teams and cooperate, even if the incentive is small. By allowing solo players to perform just as well as teams, there will be less reason for a "Sailing community" to form. Is this ideal? Dungeoneering was flawed initially with solo rates being so mediocre that efficient players were forced to team up, I wouldn't want this again. However, without an incentive to make a team, why bother?

To conclude, I have high expectations for Sailing and believe that this skill has potential if training is engaging and randomness/unpredictability is included.

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Woop. I'm very excited for sailing. Glad to see these answers to the most common concerns.

If you haven't already, I have a very large thread related to sailing linked to in my signature, I'd love to hear what you think.

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Will skills like construction, crafting, firemaking, smithing play any part of sailing?

We'll need those skills to build boats, repair them, and of course for pvp the ships will get damaged so things like smithing and construction would be helpful for repairing holes in the ship and repairing cannons.

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