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Mr s Grace said:
Z A J A X Z said:
Mr Grace said:
The New Continent:

This is when I quit.


Z A J A X Z..

You can't laugh at someone's opinion.

Hip raises a good point, is it going to be on the same server? (if so I will also resign from the game)

Ladies and gentlemen*, I give you a PRIME example of the OldSchool community!

They want new content, but not "new" content. Or maybe they don't want any new content at all! Either way they are unaware of how MMOs survive in the cutthroat world of gaming.

And this, dear friends, is why games like this one sometimes die!

tl;dr - anyone who doesn't accept new content for this version of RS needs to stop playing. They won't be missed, means more content for us who can accept change!

Now, for on-topic stuff

The only thing I am not looking forward to at all is that best in slot stuff mentioned on Fight Caves 2. I am no PVMer, frick, I can't even beat Jad without darts on RS3 because I can't switch prayers that fast. So this is extremely meh to me.

The new rooms for Construction look great! Why can't you do something like that for RS3?
Oh, I almost forgot.
Oh, I already forgot.

06-Oct-2015 22:14:42

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Nice, lots of good updates coming to the game this year and the year after.

But why even poll monkey madness 2? Glad you guys are polling the rewards and the quest seperately, but why even poll the quest?
It makes it seem less lore related by polling it and what if it fails?

Some people are voting no so the polling system could be re-worked so... Kinda afraid of it failing honestly because I really want monkey madness 2 in the game, including new quests in general.

06-Oct-2015 23:45:24

Grrr Help
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Grrr Help

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Stinkowing said:

The new rooms for Construction look great! Why can't you do something like that for RS3?

That would be because the team maintaining OSRS are totally different people to those working for RS3. Two different games. OSRS ftw :)
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07-Oct-2015 00:06:48 - Last edited on 07-Oct-2015 00:08:02 by Grrr Help

Oblv XB

Oblv XB

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Z A J A X Z said:
Oblv XB said:
I would really love to actually see sort of what we had in pre-eoc; Menagerie same concept, but just a place to put our pets were they could have possible dialogs like we players would in game (2-3 dialogs or so) think that would be prettty amazing!

That would be pretty awesome, and not too hard to implement at all.

yeah :) gives us something to do with our pets too, i hate leaving them in the bank when they should be out in the open. Plus it gave me more of an incentive to go after all my pet dragons when i got 99 summoning.

07-Oct-2015 00:16:46

Hustler Goon

Hustler Goon

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Deadman mode was said to be released this month, now you say a few weeks. Can you actually give us the week of release if not the day?
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07-Oct-2015 01:03:10

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