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Rcer said:
Mod Ash said:
Rcer said:
On deadman mode can we get a pin to protect our protected skills , kinda like a bank pin so that if someoone where to get on our account (even with authenticator) they can't sab us down to all 0 xp? Thanks!!!

I expect that could be done. Mind you, if you're concerned about security despite the authenticator, make sure your email account is properly secure. Such as by setting two-step verification on it. If someone can keylog your email account, they can start sending instructions to Jagex as if they're you.

Okay, thank you, please ask the fam back at Jagex if that can be done, but ya,

ALSO another quick question. If dmm has no log in screen, how can i check how many days left my dmm acc has of membership?

I can tell you're pretty dense by your name. Try logging into the normal game to check how many days you have left. Derp

26-Nov-2015 11:51:12

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