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Where there any other suggestions for the strength cape perk? I personally don't like that cape having a TP option. I feel like there's more potentional for a perk on that cape. I like all the bonusses on the other capes, though. Some of them are very clever. Sincerely,

12-Dec-2015 10:11:39



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Not entirely sure that this belongs here as it would apply to ALL capes with hoods, but I'll give this a shot.

If a mod sees this and believes it is mis-placed, pease move it to the most appropriate forum.

Capes and hoods need a re-think. The hood gives NO skill bonus but MUST be kept in order to store the cape on the POH cape rack. I would like to offer an alternative for this.

I believe the hood should be PERMANENTLY attached to the cape thus avoiding the problem of losing the hood and not being able to store the cape. The only 'issue' with this is how the cape will look when wearing a helmet. My solution for this is that the hood will always be 'down' when a helmet (or any hat) is worn with the cape. This WILL require some work by the graphics artists to do well and I guess that is unavoidable.

They could also include a 'hood u*/down' option when wearing the cape with NO helmet (for those of us not wanting to muss up our carefully coiffed rs hair). (smile)

Thank you for your consideration of this.

14-Dec-2015 12:01:16

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