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Grrr Help
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Grrr Help

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Mhm very nice indeed. I enjoy a good clue, but I'm especially looking forward to the new PID Update this month. Nice to see OldScool becoming more smooth, consistent and bug free!

Would also be nice to know the skill req's confirmed for MM2 please, I'd like to know what I'm training!

Great work guys!
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09-Apr-2016 13:37:24 - Last edited on 09-Apr-2016 13:38:36 by Grrr Help

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mod ronan would it be possible to make puzzle box windows larger??no offence butt with so small size,puzzles are pain the azzz to make..
and secondly would it be possible to add monkey madness puzzle as posible challenge,then doing clue??

09-Apr-2016 17:18:47

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They all sound great! however I would like to see the hand catching of implings only outside of the Puro Puro mini game, meaning you would still require a net inside.

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09-Apr-2016 20:09:49

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Can we please have a pvp world where un tradables are not kept on death, with all these powerfull weapons and new bis gear, void is becoming really annoying to play against.
the only update i want is to remove untradables from pvp worlds so we can play like it was in 2010.

09-Apr-2016 22:46:47

Fury OS

Fury OS

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ALSO HAD AN IDEA FOR DRAGONHIDE BOOTS (Green, Blue, Red, Black) Instead of making the offensive range bonus +1 for each boot you could also make the defensive bonus different so they could fit the gaps we have currently between rangers and snakeskin!

Green +4 range bonus
+1 Defense bonuses

Blue +4 range bonus
+2 Defense bonuses

Red +5 range bonus
+3 Defense bonuses

Black +6 range bonus
+4 Defense Bonuses

Rangers would still be best in slot with +8 offense and pegasian's with +12

09-Apr-2016 23:23:02

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