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Just a suggestion to help the dmm experience for everyone:

All areas where bank BOOTHS are would be guarded areas, similar to how Catherby and Camelot banks are. The areas that have bank booths that are not currently guarded zones (to the best of my knowledge) are the following:
*Edgeville bank
*Draynor bank
*Warriors Guild bank
*Al-Karid bank
*Fishing Guild bank
*Canafis bank
*Nardah bank
*Burgh de Rott bank

This would still allow bank CHESTS areas to be used by skulled players but still help the game flow smoother for unskulled players. The following are bank chest areas that are commonly used or can be used:
*Port Khazard
*Shantay Pass
*Castle/Clan Wars
*Barbarian Assault

Skulled players can still also use banks in which the banker is a single NPC. These areas include:
*Mage bank
*TzHarr City
*Legends Guild

This would allow skulled players to still try and kill unskulled players at common areas such as draynor/edge/warriors guild but allowing them to get to the bank for an escape method w/o having to x-log on a monster or use all their supplies for an hour on a bank booth.

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