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SI3RRA 117

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I saw that on the poll you guys had an option inquiring about Mobile! Super excited and think OSRS is the perfect option to bring RS to the mobile community. Really hope you guys invest in it as I've heard some people work on their own versions and said it wouldn't be too hard to do. Curiously, would something like this be available for alpha/beta testers or more of an open release once a final product is created internally?

02-May-2016 23:25:24

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when you came out with the sacred eels in game, it was a semi-popular update, was always several players there on all worlds, a couple of weeks later , you update the zulrah item conversion to scales update, scales dropped hard in price (from 200-225 gp to 90-100 gp) which made sacred eel fishing dead content (after only a couple weeks after release)
When it got addressed to you jmods you had said you was going to update it****; more scales/more xp something to make it attractive again to the players, until now, nothing has been done, has it been forgotten and swept under the carpet ?

03-May-2016 11:43:07

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