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From watching streams and videos I have a few suggestions for LMS
Instead of a magical crate.
Have 5 "power" locations
Ancients altar, Lunars Altar, Prayer altar, Elvarg (Kill to drop random dragon weapons), Magic stone (Gather materials at faster rate)

Instead of searching things for rng based supplies.
Use a similar concept to stealing creation in which you gather from a resource to create supplies, basic weapons and armour

More environment interaction.
Less rng based winners.

16-Jul-2016 15:57:03

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Can the STASH spots be used if you are under attack from another player ?

I ask this as I notice some of the wildy master spots require you to be risking at least 6 decent items.

i.e. The lava dragon isle by the egg spot.

If attacked at least being able to stash the clue items whilst in pvp combat would reduce the risk.

17-Jul-2016 06:20:36

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Skrub said:
So I just checked the poll results and both the jogre expansion and increased nightshade yield failed to meet the 75% requirement, and yet here they are being added into the game. What's up with that?

They both passed. Are you checking the results in-game?

Apologies for the website not reflecting the skip votes feature correctly.

Essentially, when a player uses the skip question button, they are saying they don't want to answer that question, so we don't count their vote towards the total. The website unfortunately hasn't been updated to reflect this, as the web team are very busy.

The percentage you want to find out, is the percentage of yes votes, as a total of yes/no votes.


I understand that the web team is very busy, but I'm shocked that fixing the website hasn't received any priority at all.

Posts of
X didn't get 75% in the poll, why is it being put into the game? This isn't fair, only things that got 75% in a poll were supposed to be put into game
have appeared *so* many times in the OSRS forums (when in reality it did get 75%, but the skip votes appear to make its percentage drop under 75%) that the integrity of the OSRS game (which is the most important thing the OSRS game has) is being put into question by players due to this website feature.

I would have put on a much higher priority getting the website to reflect the percentages to Yes% + No% totalling to 100% (without counting the skip votes in the percentage) to make it clearer what obtained at least 75% in the poll.

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