Elder Chaos Druid Hood & Junk

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The chaos hood should not have higher stats, and lower requirements than the mystic hats. Maybe the chaos hood should have 4 magic attack, and 2 defense. This gives it more offense than xerican, but not more than mystic, and less defense than the xerican hat which requires 10 defense.

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With what was mentioned in the recent QnA and the wield-able fishing equipment you could create a
that slots in as a
, that
stores bait and feathers
so there is that little bit more EXP.... Just an idea
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12-Aug-2016 03:12:05

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Ripa Klaus

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I believe most players wouldn't mind giving f2p more p2p items like pots or items that no one uses in p2p.

p2p should be better than f2p but that doesn't mean we should cast f2p aside and make it a boring game.
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12-Aug-2016 04:13:40



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This has been posted in the other thread but looks like you just ignore it.

whenever you make someone low in last man standing and they run and simply close or logg off you dont get a key. will this be fixed next update or are you gonna ignore again?

12-Aug-2016 12:32:52

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It would be nice if you could add a bank deposit box to the Motherlode Mine as well.
Also really hoping we can use the ring of suffering imbued AND with the upcoming recoil effects.

12-Aug-2016 23:56:46

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