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Im genuinely upset but I appologise for my harsh choise of words.

Dragon sword is close to dead-content upon release. The dragon axes - they're ok. The kodai robes are only used at zulrah and wont even benefit much except for some pray bonus and maybe slightly notable accuracy for the 'red phase'. Wand is like Slay Helm said a slightly-buffed-ancient-staff-fancy-looking-master-wand-water-staff. The maul only provides for an additional build in the wilderness, as the Abyssal Bludgeon will always be superior DPS in PvM. And all the new prayers will do is make DKS even easier to tank Spinolips and make you juggle even more food at Armadyl duo's.

Raids will never be worth doing this way for signature loots which is really dissapointing as this might be the highest tier PvM-conent released on OSRS for a lóóng time.

I agree with Thank on the new melee/range gear.
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