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Shame the wand is now junk, just the master wand on its own is 1m more than SotD (I expect it will drop soon), but on top of that the raids item will make it extremely expensive. But it's still weaker than the SotD in most cases.

I can't see people paying huge amount of money for a glorified master wand/ancient staff, it should at least be +10% damage. Shame that we will be doing raids just to get some prayers into the game.

At least you removed the dragon platebody, the rest is a bit disappointing.
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Disgusting, no reward even worth camping for, worst imagenable combination of SHIT ive ever seen. Completely killed the hype for raids as it looks like itll be done for 'fun'. 0/10.
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16-Aug-2016 16:16:34

Moonlit Sky
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Original message details are unavailable.
Run energy drains prayer instead of hitpoints
Is there an update to running that you're not telling us about? Run energy draining hitpoints sounds interesting.

16-Aug-2016 16:20:23

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You really need to revert the Kodai Robes to their first iteration, before you butchered the stats. They're so incredible niche right now, not having much of a notable use. For PvM you wouldn't sacrifice tons of defence bonuses for a slight accuracy boost and some prayer, since you can't use a single protect prayer for nearly all bosses. For PvP you also wont use them because once again, having tons of defences is better than a few more accuracy, and Ahrim's also offer a lower risk.

You butchered Kodai's almost entirely because one guy asked you to on a Dev Q&A , because he didn't want his precious Ahrim's to be devalued. Yet many people on the last dev blog told you not to murder Kodai's like that. They were meant to be the Armadyl and Bandos equal, now it really isn't anywhere near.

Ahrim's is incredibly old, common and doesn't have much of a monetary value to devalue and "crash" in the first place. Not only that, but Kodai's being better, despite uninformed belief, wont instantly mean the death of Ahrim's... It'll still be the second best robe in the game, still cost way less and thus be easier to use/sacrifice for risky buisness.

Please, make Kodai not suck again, many of us was excited for a "Magic Bandos" set :(

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So another piece of the rewards gets removed without something else to take its place. I really do hope there will be some untradable rewards available as well besides the potential pets. Raids-specific gear where its sole use would be within raids would be nice. Chasing Nightmares

16-Aug-2016 16:26:17



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What exactly have you changed since the last dev blog? All i can see is the removal of dragon platebody - I was expecting you to come up with a replacement? Also you haven't changed anything with the three crappy prayers next to augury and rigour... literally pointless prayers.

Could you start a change log please?

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