Elder Beta & Barbarian Assault

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In addition to the above change, the ring of wealth will now automatically pick up coins drops when equipped! All of those small stacks of coins are sure to add up quickly.

Nice update. Thank you. :) But one Thing i missing very hard: The ring isn't to recharge together with the well in the heroes guild. In Runescape 2 (2008-2010) i enjoyed to recharge the ring and amulet on this place combined. Because of that reason i not used the Ring of wealth for teleports or fight till today.

I would very like to see the possibility to recharge this ring in heroes guild.
Thanks for read and for make old School runescape to a interesting game what is worth to stay.

Thanks for your good work. :)

22-Aug-2016 23:28:20



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Hey Jagex Dev's,

Doing away with the wands melee stats is a good call otherwise its basically a whip with 1 attack requirement, however the magic damage boost shouldn't have been nerfed, SOTD is currently the only viable magic weapon and some diversity is needed for magic in OS. Even if it is only a damage boost for ancients as the wand is primarily used for ancients would be welcomed. Nor would it be game breaking because it doesn't utilize venom like the toxic staff which will always be teir 1 for magic in PVP.

Wand with rune cost reduction and a damage boost and its accuracy could help in making magic more viable for PVM and general use, rather than being relegated to select situations and PVP.

Regards, X-iiv

23-Aug-2016 06:18:15



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Okay, I didn't get to fully test out the elder wand, but I want to add my input about it, obviously from page 9 you can tell I thought the elder maul was overpowered, I agree with not adding it into the game, which would be my personal preference, but the idea about 85 to 90 attack for it seems okay to me, even though I wouldn't like to see it, though the elder wand was underpowered even with full void mage to increase the damage percentage increase, someone mentioned it should be 15% to 20% increase in damage for the wand, well I somewhat agree with this, as the I think it was 25% damage increase, with full void mage, elder wand, maxed out magic, mage potion, and prayer for mage dmg increase + defence increase was significantly underpowered, I did good damage, ice barraging but even within those few seconds a melee player didn't get freezed and got to hit me, I was nearly dead, died fairly quickly, the damage was good for mage, but not enough to compete against melee dmg, in other words, I was kinda impressed that the dmg wasn't lower but it wasn't quite enough to use in pvp, as I died fairly quickly and void mage would be hard to get if I can get ko'ed easily within a minute or two which is what happened, if I can't always freeze the other player, so my suggestion would be to tweak the dmg a bit, make it better.

And I think if we want new weapons too work, we should definitely get quite a bit of input from our regular old school players and maybe more testing time if the development team are willing to do this.

25-Aug-2016 19:01:56

Gold Elysian

Gold Elysian

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Barbarian assault update was nice. Mini-game runs much more smoothly overall. I would still love to see some sort of realistic use for the following items:

Penance skirt
Penance gloves
penance ranger helm
Penance runner helm

Healer hat, and fighter hat, along with torso are fine the way they are.

01-Sep-2016 02:14:11

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