Dev Blog: Duel Arena Changes

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Already way ahead of you - check here my suggestion for the problem gamblers at the duel arena, please read my suggestion here 322-323-707-65821727

Jedi Cypher said:
Whilst you're at it add a feature to block your account from even using the duel arena. The arena is a horrible addiction.

25-Aug-2016 21:15:01

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Even though I've never staked, I believe that the first screen should have the option of adding your stake. For convenience.

Other than that the additional screen idea is good.

26-Aug-2016 22:43:28



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garbage update. scums need to do something more useful of time. I have 8 accounts all paid monthly for 2+ years for staking, now on with my life. pce runescape

21-Oct-2016 02:08:40 - Last edited on 21-Oct-2016 02:09:05 by TGIwednesday

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