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Stoner Morty

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So basically you made a super rare item (tree seeds) into the most abundant thing on rs..... wow jagex you really know how to ruin the rs economy.... cant wait to see what your next update does to the game.... how about slow down we don't need weekly updates ffs why do you think you had to bring back osrs....

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The mini game looks cool.
I'm glad you are trying to "revive" a few skills. This definitely makes firemaking a bit more useful. I'll be hunting the pet soon!
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The new Phoenix pet looks amazing!

Don't think I can do this boss at 3 combat due to the damage received :( Oh well 'oldschool' way of training Firemaking it is! ^_^
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13-Sep-2016 13:49:57

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tl/dr: Wintertodt's drop categories should have lower level variations. They're way OP right now. This variation would make them more useful to a wider demographic of players, and balance their value.

I wanted to voice my thoughts on the Wintertodt. I'd like to ask for a nerf. Particularly to the drops. They don't seem in line with the drops available from other bosses. I think that all gems rather than only diamonds should drop, lower level fish/other than sharks, lower level logs, and lower level seeds both herb and tree. Having this variation in the loot table, even maintaining the same total numbers, I think would balance it out. This way any level of player can benefit from subduing the Winterdodt, and the amazing loot items we are getting now would be reduced in quantity/frequency, and helped to return, or get closer to, their former value.

The biggest issue for me in the seeds, I've never had this many seeds. (yew/magic and ranarr/snapdragon) I'd be happy with Wintertodt being a good source of these. But not the absolute indisputable best.

14-Sep-2016 03:13:31

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The description of how the tome of fire works is rather confusing. It sounds like it would provide infinite fire runes only when charged to any level, but always provide the damage buff even uncharged. It actually seems to function the opposite way, and it's a bit ridiculous how rare the burnt pages are.
I received 13 pages from 50-85 firemaking on my ironman. How fucking useless is this book if I get to shoot a mere one thousand casts from getting 99 firemaking entirely at Wintertodt?
It would make sense to me if the drop rate of the pages were significantly increased by several times. Another option would be making it always have the damage buff, but need pages to provide fire runes like it sounded from the original description.

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the new mini game is awful. it is salvageable though....

i have played runescape for about 10 years (off and on mostly on) and i have noticed a pattern for updates. the updates slowly but surely cheapen the full experience of the game and we get anther case of rs3 except without the good stuff that made it worth it (until eoc).

the wintertodt mini game isn't all bad i can agree there is fun in it and the drops r insane but that is part of the problem. why explore and search the map for new places and things if u can get awesome loot beast xp (fire making) and some xp (wc,ect.) in other stats without needing anything more then about 500k starting gold then you r well on your way to max cash and 99 in a skill that goes rather quickly.

what i think can fix this minigame.

1st.*make it safe* the taking damage thing in any amount is fine 100% okay in a "safe" mini game, however dying in this game means u drop everything but 3 items (because lets b honest who is using prayer to get fire making xp) then u have to run all the way back to pick up ur stuff and adding insult to injury u also lose all your points. so all those supplies r wasted and u have nothing to show for it in a mini game....

2nd.*nerf drops* the drops r way too good on 500 points (which is the lowest to earn a crate) which took nothing to do (if u didn't die) 50 or less logs burnt (variables of lighting fire fixing it and healing pyromancer) then afk for 10-30 mins until the game is over and boom free 300k.... come on.... that's insane. i mean i understand i may have gotten lucky but still didnt make the something for almost nothing go away. could make it like pest control where u can buy crates like a gamble or buy the items u want (the outfit) but the book should ba a crate drop it makes it hold value longer and in turn makes the game have more longevity.

please reply with thoughts thank you
all the best joseph

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When you are randomly damaged by the snow, you stop Fletching. That should be removed.

On the other hand, I enjoy the minigame. I'm 38 hp and I can survive with 5 Bass. :D

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I have a few questions about wintertodt

1) does the contents of the crate matter if you open them right away or save them and then open them all at once?

2) If you open them all at once will the score of the last game affect the contents of all the crates or just the last crate or does the score makes no difference to the contents of the crates?

3) ATM I have a kill count of 120 and in this time I have only gotten 70 burnt pages and the gloves. Meanwhile my son has a complete set and some extra pieces to boot (including the torch). Am I just that unlucky or could I be doing something wrong?

I am getting a little discouraged with the lack of clothing dropping especially since my son seems to be getting much more luck than myself. I could understand if I had some clothing but just the gloves something seems off.

I look forward to hearing something from someone who knows these answers from runescape

( I have not read all the previous post so if these were answered I did not see them)

09-Oct-2016 01:22:09

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