Superior Slayer Encounters

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I make acid
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I make acid

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I enjoy this update quite a bit my only request is to buff abby demons drop table a bit, make the steel stuff into rune/addy versions and maybe add some noted plank drops and noted mage/yew logs to abbys just to make them a little more rewarding but without adding more seeds to drop tables. A small coin boost wouldn't hurt cap it at 5k since the whip drop can't be forgotten.

17-Sep-2016 18:15:21

Nova Light
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Nova Light

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Wow, this looks like a great update, I'll be sure to do some slayer later on! I was also wondering if you kill one of the superior slayer monsters, does it subtract 3 regular slayer monsters away from your task? "Limits, like fear, is often an illusion."

18-Sep-2016 04:00:20

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Nick-TheMain said:
Mod Kieren said:
Primels said:
Why can't the leaf-bladed battleaxe be 50 attack? As are all of the other Leaf-bladed weapons?

This has made me sad as someone who is 50 attack with a choice of only ancient staff/ granite maul and leaf-bladed sword.

This would have been amazing if the requirement was 50 attack, 65 slayer.

Please explain this to me?

The idea is that using a t50 weapon is pretty annoying for higher levels, and makes the tasks a lot slower than other tasks - this offers a higher tier weapon, which should make those tasks a little better for higher level players.


Is there anyway you can make it a t50 Weapon for consistency but allow higher level players to perform an upgrade on it through Slayer Points/semi-rare obtainable item to increase it's use beyond 50 Attack?

This would
a) Provide consistency with the existing t50 Requirement for Leaf-Bladed Equipment
b) Another Slayer Point sink / Drop / however else you'd introduce the upgrade-able Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe.

Really looking forwards to hunting down some of those Superior Slayer mobs on both my main and my 50 Attack Pure ;-)

Thanks as always!

(Edit 1: Missed the quote for Kieren's post)

Anyone over there had a chance to read this yet or has this thread gone dead?!

19-Sep-2016 00:42:26

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