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Bubba Otis
Dec Member 2018

Bubba Otis

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@ Pmods a new scam has arrived. More of a psychological one aimed at people's false sense of "secureness" and "antiscam" duel arena options. People turn off no melee turn on mage. So if you're a whip staker and not paying attention and just assume everyone is doing your preset options then you will get scammed because you won't be able to attack. I think in the 3rd screen, the options for NO MELEE, NO MAGIC, NO RANGE should be bolded or red or underlined just to exemplify it, incase you are just assuming nobody is scamming. About 3-4 players have done it to me. The first time I didn't notice. The rest I reported. Anyway, hope this was at least worth a read or a heads up. If you guys disagree and blame it on me for not being 100% aware I understand, just saying it's aimed at those of us thinking duel arena is anti scam now and not thinking people will scam.


30-Sep-2016 19:41:19

Stoner Morty
Jun Member 2017

Stoner Morty

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Common guys!!!!!! I loved what you did with the fairy ring, a simple click and the list comes up. I was literally so happy you did that and what do you do?! YOU CHANGE IT BACK! I know you can right click but wtf why would you do that? Can you please make right click Zanaris and left click the list?

30-Sep-2016 20:07:00 - Last edited on 30-Sep-2016 20:08:26 by Stoner Morty

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