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Raids will come out, and it's very important that they do. I promise you even through a small 27% might be ticked, they'll get over it. But for the overall majority of players it's a refreshing new thing to have and Jagex would be cutting their own throat if they didn't release it because a large majority would likely quit.

With all that said, the armor won't pass and a new armor replacement should be considered

16-Oct-2016 05:59:13

Fox Totem
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Lord Random said:
Please do not put a river in between the house portal and salt petre in the southern part of hosidius. That is totally ruining what is in my opinion the fastest route for UIM to get to and from planks and their PoH.

Or if you must put it there can you at least add some agility shortcut to bypass having to run up north to the bridge. Construction is hard enough as it is for ultimate, please don't cut off the PoH portal like that.

I can't wait to see the new layout for Kourend but I hope the above has been considered. If a river is going to be placed between the house portal and the banks/spirit tree I hope a bridge is placed so that the distance to run is not increased.
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20-Oct-2016 19:46:15

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