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Enjoying the debate, the community has spoken ^ (there are commonly repeated suggestions e.g. idea to have dps mechanics involved in PJ timer instead = removes boxing & clans taking turns on a solo).
With deadman mode - you have to genuinely try it & play it yourself to know what improvements to do, as a survival game at heart there are many mechanics that feel cranky and impractical.
- Clans are a big issue that comes up - key factors being Multi areas, Door spamming & Trading (muling = no risking)
- Please do not forget regular Deadman mode ! ('Bankmanmode' is PAINFUL without G.E, over half of time spent trying to buy/sell)
- No banking during combat feels like a smart change, (people will gather & gear for any anticipated situation knowing that what they have on them is all they have to look after themselves)
- The final hour for the tourny is ridiculous. When announcing DMM seasons in a Q&A a mod said 'then at the end everyone will be thrown into an ARENA and the last man standing will win' - instead they aren't thrown anywhere. They are eaten at by an airbourne disease, as they willy nilly are drawn slowly to the last area, to their doom. Also the key word is the name: TOURNAMENT (a series of contests to determine a winner). End area shouldn't be multi, otherwise it's not a tournament (e.g. that's like hosting a boxing tournament to determine best boxer, but saying you can bring as many people to fight with you).
You should teleport all players to a new area, teleport them to LMS map if you want, or make 4 maps where players are selected randomly to be in, where they have to fight 1vs1 to the last man.
You should have rewards for both the last player standing, the last PLAYERS standing (runners up e.g. top 5), AND the player with the MOST KILLS of the match.
AND DON'T MAKE THE REWARD A CASH $ REWARD - reward players with membership & cool achievement memorabilia /OSRS items/Hall of Fame e.g. a Deadman pet

25-Oct-2016 23:18:40

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