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When exactly does the Deadman Seasonal server close?

Also, as rank 1 of Seasonal Deadman, I'd like to throw it out there that I am totally in favor of removing the Desert Treasure quest Deadman mode and the tournament and either (1) providing the ancient spellbook via another means (e.g., perhaps Nigel can change your spellbook to ancients for a high price, with some base stat requirements) or (2) removing the ancient spellbook entirely from Deadman mode.

Reasoning: clans camp the Desert Treasure quest, and these spells give quite an advantage to those who have them, even when their opponent has better stats/armor/switching skill, therefore it would help solo players like myself in terms of fairness, considering that (a) clans camp this quest to block it (many parts being in multi), (b) a player with these spells has a strong advantage over a player whom does not despite other variables, and (c) this has been brought up several times but has yet to be addressed in neither a Q&A live stream nor a poll, and ought to be brought up and addressed... I mean look, even rank #1 of this Deadman Season thinks its a good idea to remove this quest.

As for removing other parts of the game for Deadman mode (e.g., Monkey Madness 2 / Barrows / Zeah) I think these should be polled separately, though these are also topics that should be addressed. I think the removal of Desert Treasure ought to be prioritized over other suggested parts, given the advantage that having these spells give (e.g., the ability to freeze-walk under-teleport away (unless your opponent has mithril seeds), the ability to use magic effectively (we all know you can't really pk with the normal spellbook past the first day), and the healing effect of blood spells (used after an escape on NPCs to save resources, and during the final hour).

28-Oct-2016 13:32:15

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