Ballista/Javelin Stat Changes

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Hey guys,

A balancing change to the Heavy Ballista and Javelins is now live.

The Heavy Ballista was intended to compete alongside the AGS. However, with it's requirements and price being lower, especially when paired with Void Range, it was simply too strong.

And so, we've applied the stat changes as shown below.

Heavy Ballista
Range attack reduced from +120 to +100

Bronze reduced from +30 to +25
Iron reduced from +50 to +42
Steel reduced from +75 to +64
Mith reduced from +100 to +85
Adamant reduced from +125 to +107
Rune reduced from +145 to +124
Dragon reduced from +175 to +150

To give you an idea of what these changes mean, this brings the Heavy Ballista + Dragon Javelins max hit (without spec) from 62 to 56 when used with 99 Range and an average Void Range PK setup.

We feel these changes will maintain the Heavy Ballista's KO potential in PvP fights, while making it somewhat less viable as a primary weapon.

We'll continue to monitor these changes throughout the week.

31-Oct-2016 13:50:37

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It probably needed a nerf, but this is overkill. You talk about wanting it to be like an AGS, but it's reqs/price was lower, then why not make a change on that end?

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Mod Ronan said:
Thanks said:
Very disappointed by the change without a poll,oh well.

We do not poll balancing changes.

I get that, I just think there were many other options that could've been taken. Such as giving it a MM2 requirement etc. This is just a 'quick & poor' way to deal with it in my opinion.
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31-Oct-2016 14:05:56

acc number 2
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Now fix the typo on raids rewards on elder platelegs. It says -5 ranged defence bonus. Unless it isn't a typo and making armor just terrible.
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call riley
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call riley

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Completely off subject but a mod might see it and finally reply; Why does the melee raid armour have -5 range defence.

Is this an oversight can we finally get some confirmation rather than every mod ignoring or sidestepping the question?

31-Oct-2016 14:13:17

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