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04-Nov-2016 03:50:13

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I find it quite unfaire how all these new overpowered items come to life in OSRS, while Dragon Claws are still held back even though for many of us they represent the SOUL of pre-EOC RS.

What is extremely funny is how everyone is grup thinking when refering to D Claws - All you hear is OP, OP, OP - When these people do not even PK and never will.

I guess it makes them happy to belong to a group, be it a group of clueless haters.

Every now and then I come back on OSRS and look if D Claws are back. Seems like they're not ready to come back, because some sheeps do not want to.

Enjoy your new weapons OSRSers - oh and beware DANGEROUS 60 Attack D Claws, because they're so OP!!!!


04-Nov-2016 23:45:09

Mr Wildstar
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Mr Wildstar

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Now I regret voting no on the Dinh's Bulwark. I wish I can change it to a yes vote since it can be used for pvp as well. Just without the damage reduction buff.

If it fails to pass.. Then I only have myself to blame there. :(

06-Nov-2016 01:30:56

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